New Power Supply and a Test Run

The new 24VDC 240W power supply arrived today. I’m very impressed with powerbox. I ordered the power supply yesterday and it turned up today! This power supply was chosen so that the stepper motors will delivery more torque.

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Desktop CNC Progress Report

There has been a recent rush of progress on the desktop CNC. All three axes are fitted with stepper motors. The brackets for the drive belts are in place. The drive belts are installed. The limit switches are mounted but not wired up.

The machine has had an initial test just to see if it will move. I programmed 50 mm radius circles in the XY plane with great success.

On the to do list:

  • Stop for the Z-axis limit switch so that the machine can be homed. Grbl does not support individual axis home. It will do all three or none.
  • Wire up the limit switches.
  • Mount the terminal strip for the X, Z axes and the Y axis.
  • Upgrade the power supply from 12VDC to 24VDC to give more torque to the stepper motors.
  • Post pictures and video on the website.
  • Build base for machine with enclosure for electronics complete with E-Stop.
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