Writing about myself is always a difficult thing to do. Just as well this is not a job application. Now, what are some interesting things to say about me:

  • I am Australian.
  • I grew up with a parent in the RAAF. This means that I got to live in several different places (and states). People outside of the defence forces tend to refer to kids like this as “RAAF Brats”.
  • I studied at the Australian National University and achieved a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science.
  • I like computers.
  • Here’s a kicker… I also like people.
  • I’m married to a beautiful woman. My “Novacastrian Princess”.
  • I finished my first career in I.T. at age 30.
  • Since 2004 I have been working in, and managing, the family manufacturing business. I.T. hasn’t gone away.
  • I maintain an interest in micro-controllers, particularly Arduino. I have built several Arduino projects :- A laser pointer test rig, toaster over PID controller, augmented reality interface, and currently a desktop CNC mill/laser cutter.
  • I maintain my programming chops with coding in VBA, Perl, and C.