Trial Assembly

The MakerSlides have been cut to length and the ends have been tapped. The fasteners are here and it’s time for a trial assembly. I want to find out if I have all the parts I need and if they all go together.

As it turns out, there are a few screws that need to be longer and I need more washers than I thought. Most notably, the M3 x 6 screws that mount the stepper motors for the X and Y axis are 4mm too short and the M3 x 50 screws that mount the stepper motor for the Z axis are 4mm too long.

The X-axis movement is smooth and free.

I am still undecided how I will anchor the timing belt for the X and Y axis. I want the belt to be level with the top of the smooth idler pulleys and I would like to be able to tension the belt. There is time while I wait for more parts to arrive.

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