New Power Supply and a Test Run

The new 24VDC 240W power supply arrived today. I’m very impressed with powerbox. I ordered the power supply yesterday and it turned up today! This power supply was chosen so that the stepper motors will delivery more torque.

The power supply has been wired up to grblShield and used for a test run.

Jogging in all axes worked fine after tuning the current limit. I ran a couple of test programs to move in 50 mm diameter circles in the XY and XZ planes.

The limit switches are installed but not wired up yet. The X and Y axes have two limit switches, one for each direction of travel. The Z-Axis has only one limit switch which will be used for homing. When homing the Z-Axis will move away from the table.

When assembling the X-Z axes I found that the Z-Axis carriage fouled on a couple of bolts. The specified length was too short and the bolts I replaced them with were too long. A die grinder and 10mm carbide burr quickly fixed the problem.

To anchor the timing belts for the X and Y axes 20 x 20 x 3 aluminium angle with an eye bolt and the dowel and cable tie method of clamping. This provides easy adjustment of the belt tension and the aluminium angle is very rigid.

Video of the initial testing will be posted soon.

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  1. hadeel says:

    what the data sheet of grbl shield??????

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