Another Desktop CNC Update

Added 5mm acrylic panels to the front and top of the Shapeoko enclosure.

IMG_5691Panels are attached to one another with piano hinge using M4 x 15 bolts with nylon nuts. The top panel is attached at the back with piano hinge and the supplied screws. The white handle at the bottom from allows the front and top to lift up and rest on the top of the enclosure. The enclosure provided 10dB noise reduction with the router running at 30,000 RPM. Hearing protection is still a must.

On the left side of the enclosure is a mini cyclone dust separator from and old vacuum cleaner. These can be picked up at Godfrey’s. It was effective for cleaning the floor but I’m not sure how well it will work in this installation.


Next weekend I will make some work holding clamps. I suspect that the dust will be blown around the enclosure from the router. If this happens the dust will circulate through the internals of the router. Not good.

If this happens I will duct the intake of the router (the top) to the outside of the enclosure. I hope the 1kW vacuum cleaner can move more air than the 700W router.


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