Enclosure Test

The enclosure did a great job keeping dust in. The vacuum in cleaner in the corner kept a negative pressure in the enclosure preventing dust from escaping. There was very little dust collecting on the top of the router. I’m confident there we next to no dust circulated through the inside of the router. Dust did collect in various places on the inside of the enclosure. Overall I’m very happy with how it performed.

While making some work holding clamps I learned a few things:

  1. Make sure the collet is done up nice and tight. It’s not good when the router bit pulls out.
  2. Clean the rails and rollers between jobs. Dust on the rollers can cause the steppers to mis-step and lose position.
  3. Keep the feeds & speeds within the capabilities of the stepper motors on each axis. If the stepper torque is exceeded it will mis-step and lose position.

I will need to find a way to calculate cutting forces on the stepper.

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