Desktop CNC Progress

I put in a couple of solid days working on the ShapeOko desktop CNC. The following has been achieved:

  • Upgraded grbl to 0.9g.
  • Combined stepper and limit switch  wiring into a single 7 core cable.
  • Installed drag chain for cable management and routed the cables
  • Discovered the stepper signals interfering with the limit switches. Installed 0.47uF electrolytic capacitors to smooth out the signal. Thank to this link for the solution.
  • Added touch plate and alligator clip for the new probe cycle. Also need a capacitor to fix interference problems.

The new probe cycle greatly simplifies the process of setting the Z height. I like it a lot. I’m using a piece of un-ethced PCB which measures 1.6mm thick. I put this on the top of the workpiece, run the probe cycle (G38.2 Z-100 F50). When the tool touches the top of the PCB I subtract 1.6mm from the Z position and set the tool offset with G43.1 Z(position – 1.6).

I ran a couple of jobs with a 3mm, 2 flute cutter on poplar (soft wood). Initially the tool load was too high at 30,000 rpm and 750 mm/min feed. This caused the steppers to mis-step and lose position. After dropping the feed to 250 mm/min everything was OK.

I finished the day by make a Christmas tree shaped ornament for the Christmas tree.

On the To Do list is:

  • Enclose the mill to control dust and noise. Currently there is a lot of dust and a lot of noise.
  • Control the router with Super-PID.
  • Fully enclose the electronics, including power supply.
  • Upgrade the frame to be similar to ShapeOko v2.0.
  • Get a T-Slot Table Plate to replace the waste board.
  • Modify X and Y axis drives to NEMA 23 steppers with dual steppers on the Y axis.
  • Modify the belt drive taking inspiration from Bell Everman.
  • Replace the Z axis M8 standard all-thread with SS all-thread for better accuracy.

I also discovered that ShapeOko v3.0 has just started taking pre-orders. I don’t think that the financial controller with authorise the purchase 🙁

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