Beautiful Code

In the mid 1990’s I was shown a snippet of C source code which remains what I consider to be the most beautiful code I have ever seen. The code was introduced to me as:

It’s a devastatingly deviously unrolled byte-copying loop, devised by Tom Duff while he was at Lucasfilm. In it’s “classic” form, it looks like:

The code is described elsewhere on the internet as Duff’s Device.

The code implements an 8 ways unrolled loop which copies a block of data to a single memory address which is likely to be a port address. Typically, unrolled loops do cleanup after the main body of the loop has executed. This code uses the fall-through behaviour of C’s switch statement to do the cleanup on the way into the loop which makes the code more compact.

C’s post increment operator is used to identify the address of the source data for copying and then advances the next address after the copy. This is done in one expression.

The number of times needed through the body of the loop is calculated once before entering the loop.

And using C’s pre decrement operator, decrements and tests the count each time through the loop.

Given the tight coupling between C and the hardware that it is compiled to run on, this code should be amazingly fast on most architectures.

I tip my hat to Tom Duff for his beautiful, and fast, code to copy data.

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